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Clean and Renewable Energy for Food & Beverage Distribution Centers


There's much to see here because as an ex Beer Wholesaler energy cost was always considered a fixed expense to me and always getting raise 3-5% a year

Well with the advances in technology for energy production business owners can now turn the building into it's own power plant. Solar panel technology and battery storage technology are changing the playing field for business and giving huge costs savings to those businesses.  

Your facility’s energy demand will be analyzed by evaluating the five parameters below to develop a customized solution that works for you.

 Many  of our clients want to embrace technology to reduce costs that were  presumed as fixed costs. Every business needs energy to run their  business. 

The time has come where Facilities can produce enough energy to run their business, behind the meter, that they become NetZero.

 Our  Solutions include Clean Energy Co-Gen production or Renewable energy  from Solar panels with battery storage with LED Lighting inside and  outside building that can runs your 24/7 facilty's operations with a  24-30 month ROI. 

Facility IoT allows our clients to set the optimal standards for operations to enhance lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration, and security to automatically adjust or enable you to adjust on a smart device.

Power Purchase Agreements and Rebate assistance to get your the best custom return on your Energy Replacement Program.

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Energy Replacement Program

Overall Plan of NetZERO Energy Replacement


  • Conserve Energy thru LED Lighting and Environmental Systems
  • Produce Energy with Solar Power
  • Store Energy with Battery Systems
  • Control Energy with Cloud Based Software Controls
  • Compelling Economics thru Savings, Incentives and Rebates
  • Co-Gen Solutions for the most dependable on demand energy solution

The team are experts in Clean Energy Technology. Energy Reduction NetZERO Program includes high performance LED and HVAC  solutions, state of the art systems and IoT wireless software controls,  industry-leading solar power generation technology, and demand reducing  Energy Storage to help maximize energy reduction and replacement for  your business.  Our experience, coupled with our close relationships  with LED, Solar, Battery Storage and Software manufacturers the world  over, ensures that your Clean Energy project will be accomplished with  precision and professionalism. In addition to our business energy  management programs, our partner has a line of specialty products like  vehicle charging stations, designed to improve customer and employee  connectivity.Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies available, ZuTech brings Leadership in Clean Energy and Environmental Design (LEED),  energy credits, tax benefits and incentives that equate to a fast ROI  and years of reduced operating expenses! Chuck will help you choose a  plan that best fits your needs, using any or all of our products and  expertise to boost your bottom line.  

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RoofTOP or Ground Based Solar Panels

Putting unused space to power production use

Many building owners are adding power productions with rooftop solar panels because it is an unused area of the building usually with a few HVAC units on the roof and not much else. Non-invasive mounting systems have made it much more attractive to the cold storage and produce industry distribution centers. 

The ROI's on most projects we have been working on is 18 to 30 months, for power production with a 25 year warranty. Solar panels have allowed business that have put in rooftop or ground based systems to not loose power, and when they did, they were back onboard much faster than the local power company. 

Rooftop Solar has been proven to protect roofs that would have been destroyed during hail storms, as last Sept 2018 in Colorado Springs. Solar panels were just replaced because they have the 25 year warranty. 

Real Estate appreciation on building values see an average of 8-10% price appreciation. 


Energy Audits

Appointments are available for Full Energy Audits to build you an ROI for you


SOlar Panel Production and Battery Storage Disruptive Technology

The Disruptive Technology of Clean and Renewable Energy according to Professor Tony Seba from Stanford University. 

You'll be surprised to hear what he see the disruptive technologies of Solar Production with Battery Storage, and what impact it will have by 2030. Imagine 90% of the US there with out having to have the government dictate it to us. We will want to have it.

LED Lighting Inside & Outside


LED Inside Lighting

Our platform starts because just by changing over to LED Lighting, because of better brighter lighting at 1/10th the usage.  

Controls that allow lower the level of lumens or IoT management or motion sensing technology to again shave consumption of energy 

LED Outside Lighting

Our automobile dealership and transportation customers already are using the LED lighting outside their buildings to show and keeping their property well lit for Safety and big savings 

We had one customer in So Los Angeles that there salesmen didn't want to take customers out to the lot because they couldn't see if it was safe for them or their customers walking the lot due to the neighborhood and homeless and lighting out there wasn't optimal. After the LED Lights they all could see and felt much safer and are selling more now. 

5000 lumens

It's like walking into a surgery room. This lighting can be adjust to meet the needs and wants of the customer

ROI on LED Lighting projects

LED Lighting ROI's have been for a few months to less than 12 months as a high

Clean Energy Option of Co-Gen

Understanding Co-Generation: 

Great Return and 24/7 production

Perfect for areas of planned or unplanned Brown outs

Facility IoT Cloud Software

Facility management can move forward with this IoT software solution that brings all your management software and devices into one dashboard. Control multiple facilities from you mobile phone. Check it Out.

Building Automation Software

Cloud Management Software control

This cloud platform sits over all your solar production, battery storage and usage,  lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and freezers, humidity control systems and sensors as well as outdoor sensor, then automatically adjusts based on preset optimal operation conditions and energy usage demands. The automatic controls turn on and off or delay turns to eliminate huge surges in power demand based on criteria predetermined by management. 

The software is cloud based and can send warnings of possible out of normal warnings that can then be adjusted by the Facility administrators smart phone app and control function. 

Our platform can be set for multiple facilities and have administer adjust any or all decisions on the building and how it is functioning. Sensors allow you to pinpoint to the room what is going on. If it's a Hotel and the faucet is running and it senses the room is flooding, or there is a small or large fire. If a room is too hot or cold. We allow you to know how your facility is working and where issues may be causing any issues before they become major problems. 

Check out the video below.


Rebate Assistance and Power Purchase Agreements

2019 Rebates

Clean & Renewable Energy tax rebates are 30% in 2019, in 2020 that drops to 26%, and 22% in 2021. We help you get the most from the IRS on the rebates you deserve.

Local and State Rebates

Our experience allows you the satisfaction that the system we design and build for you will maximize your local rebates from your state and the local utility companies.

Full Energy Audit

Auditing your utility bills allow us to build you a program and power source to Shave peak usage drive down demand with technology and battery storage or co-gen production. 

Power Purchase Agreement

If CAPEX is an issue and you want to just keep Energy as an Operational Expense then a PPA maybe just what you need. We are saving many customers 40-60% on a PPA vs current rates. 

Lease with Option to Buy

We have investors lined up that would like to Lease you the renewable energy equipment with a buyout after 5 or 10 years, depending on your preference. 


Again our goal is for you to be able to run your company at a NetZERO cost with our behind the meter energy production solutions. Call today to 719-313-7945.

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